Catharine Blake, Certified Divorce Coach


Catharine has over twenty years of experience in helping parents and children as a licensed psychotherapist. Catharine went through her own traumatic divorce ten years ago and was shocked to find that as a trained professional; she was still stumbling through the process. This led her to start actively researching topics such as divorce,    

co-parenting and blended families and she was astounded to realize that there was a lack of information on how to navigate these very common scenarios in a healthy manner. She was committed to leverage her coaching training in working with children and families to assist those impacted by divorce. Catharine achieved her Certification in Divorce Coaching and opened her doors to focus on supporting those contemplating, going through or post divorce. Catharine’s passion is in helping her clients maintain their dignity, self-esteem and integrity as they manage the transitions of divorce. 

Catharine is also a Dance Fitness and Wellness Coach. She spends her free time hiking the White Mountains with her boyfriend, kids and their four-legged “baby” Jake.