Regaining Yourself

“Catharine Blake has been instrumental in helping me navigate the emotional highs and lows of going through a divorce. Being a mother of three and as the spouse asking for divorce, I dealt with immense amounts of guilt. Even though logically I knew that I was truly making the best decision for my children and I, breaking apart the family is no small decision. Catharine helped me regain years of lost self confidence, helped me see myself as others see me and was an incredible sounding board and resource through the process. I am so thankful that I have her on my side”.

Accountability Partner

 “Catharine is warm and nurturing. At the same time, she is firm and can shape the direction of conversations so that her clients remain on point. Catharine is that unique person who guides people as they solve problems and reach solutions that will benefit them. She is a problem solver and a healer who is results oriented. People leave feeling and functioning better.”